Ingrid Bachér Schliemann’s Listener



54 pp, 25 x 17 cm
£8.99 / €14.99 / $14.95
ISBN 3-93-6024-50-2


The young Heinrich Schliemann, known for his subsequent discovery of ancient Troy, lives an impoverished life in Amsterdam where he works in a merchant’s office. Already preoccupied with archeology the young man is studying languages, among them Russian. Since he cannot afford a tutor Schliemann learns by reading out loud and learning by heart a Russian book. For a small fee he hires an old man to listen to him every night. For Schliemann it is enough to have a listener, since the old man knows no Russian. Ingrid Bachér‘s book describes this encounter, allowing the old man to tell his impressions of these evenings with the young Schliemann.


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