Best Rejected Advertising
Volume 2



222 pp, colour, 30 x 21.5 cm
£34.95 / €63.99 / $49.95
ISBN 3-9804910-0-8


Following the success of Rejected the investigation why publicity campaigns are turned down is taken a step further. The rejected campaigns are compared to the campaigns that where chosen. Juried by Oliviero Toscani et al.












“Admen have found a way to hit back at clients who turn down great ideas.”
The Times, UK

“Great advertisements that never saw the light of the day.”
The Independent, UK

“The most fascinating thing about a new book on great ads that never saw the light of the day - Best Rejected Advertising – is the reason given in each case of rejection. Some of them offer adsorbing insights into the vagaries of clients.”

“Reading this book reminds you once again of an ancient truism. With many of the great advertising success stories the client never bother testing the work. Meanwhile, the work that has us falling off our chairs in amazement at its ineptitude has, invariably, been tested to within an inch of its life.”
Campaign, UK

“Rejected is therefore an interesting book for all who walk the streets with their eyes open. They now know what they are missing – and why.”
NCR Handelsblad, Holland

“The bright green book with the luminous title stands out in every jammed bookshelf. Good. Because the content of the book is truly respectable, although ultimately, things came about differently as the creatives thought in the beginning. On 224 well-designed pages creative highlights are presented. Despite that fact, clients were of one opinion: rejected! The profound book presents not only many illustrative examples, but also informs about the motivations for the verdict ‘Njet’. In addition, the top advertisers, who are equally responsible for the selections, provide valuable insights into the basic themes. A superb book, which shows how it should be done – despite the rejections.”
Workshop, Germany


“European top creatives like advertising-guru John Hegarty, the Italian designer Alberto Alessi and France’s adman number one, Jaques Seguela, awarded 50 campaigns the ‘best rejected advertisings’. The projects document in a 224 pages illustrated book, which is a repertory and lesson at the same time, which ideas for what reasons where detained or spared from the consumer.”
Focus, Germany

“What makes this publication without any doubt so thrilling is not only the fact, that here projects are presented that otherwise would have never reached us – but most and foremost, the reasons and backgrounds why the projects were rejected.”
Form, Germany


“The success of Rejected may well be interpreted as symptomatic of changes not in advertising itself, but also in the prevailing attitude towards it.”
Die Zeit, Germany


“Why something is rejected; how the relationship between advertisings, clients and the public is changing; what ‘creative freedom’ can stand for and for what not: This is what competent and partially controversial contributions from theoreticians and practitioners of advertising and esthetics tell us about. Good, that the publishing house did not reject this project.”
Der Standard, Austria


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