Gigi Giannuzzi et al

E cosi via/And so on
99 artists from the Marzona Collection



German / English

600 pp, colour, 20 x 20 cm
£34.95 / €63.99 / $49.95
ISBN 3-9804910-4-8

The title E cosi via/And so on refers to a piece by Lawrence Weiner, one of the artists represented in the Collection Marzona.
During the past thirty years, Egidio Marzona, a German collector of Italian extraction, has assembled an impressive collection of works from Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Land Art and Arte Povera.
The book features the works of 99 artists in alphabetical order with bibliographic information, a list of exhibitions, and introductory essays by curators such as Esther Coen, Mario Codognato and Agnes Kohlmeier.
Artists include, among others: Vincenco Agnetti, Giovanni Anselmo, Marcel Broothaers, Dan Flavin, Gilbert and George, Eva Hesse, Donald Judd, Jannis Kounellis, Bruce Nauman, Edward Ruscha and Richard Serra


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